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Our mission

By implementing Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, 433 Token Ecosystem will bridge the gap between soccer superstars, youth talents and fans.

We are greatly honored to have earned the approval of Mr. Paul Scholes and Mr. Andriy Shevchenko. They do not only endorse the project, they will personally participate in the ecosystem as mentor and event host.

Upon reaching Hard Cap, the plan is to bring in 8 more soccer legends.

In The News

Project News

  • "This is definitely a project for football fans to keep their eyes on."

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  • "it could potentially become the most popular application"

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  • "football greats such as Shevchenko and Scholes putting their weight behind Blockchain is far more monumental"

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Our Hat-Trick utilities

A Hat-trick of three major utilities: Sponsoring, Bidding, Voting


  • Fans can directly sponsor Legends in mentoring Youth talents
  • Sponsors can closely follow the development of a superstar

Scalability of sponsoring utility:

  • Sponsor current players to improve performance or achieve a specified goal
  • Sponsor clubs, leagues, national teams


Smart contract
Sponsoring treshhold not met


Smart contract

Youth Talent (Age 16-18)

Bidding on Auction

  • Fans can bid for Special Events auctioned by a Legend
  • Highest bidder will enjoy personal interaction with a Legend (e.g. charity dinner, legend-vs-fan friendly match)

Scalability of bidding utility:

  • Bid for special items, tickets or VIP box
  • Enter charity lucky draws


Smart contract
unsuccessful bid / event cancellation

auction of special events

winning bid

personal interaction with legend

on games

  • Fans can vote for the venue, rosters and even game format of regular Global Legend Series games
  • Winning voters will get free live streaming and priority ticketing

Scalability of voting utility:

  • Vote for participating league’s and club’s decisions


vote on venue, rosters, format
Smart contract
unsuccessful votes

legends exhibition game

winning votes
(free live streaming, priority ticketing)

Game organized according to winning votes

433 Token Ecosystem on Your Smartphone

  • Participate in developing the next superstar
  • Enjoy personal interaction with a soccer Legend
  • Contribute to important soccer decision-making example: game venue

Who will Benefit from the 433 Token Ecosystem?

token specification

Token Name
433 Token
Token Symbol
Token Offered by
Soccer Legends Limited
Token Standard
Emission Rate
No new tokens will be created/mined
Total Token Supply
1 Billion
Number of Tokens to be Offered
300 million (30% of total supply)
Price of Each Token
Accepted Currencies
Soft Cap
US$4 million
Hard Cap
US$27 million

allocation of tokens

  • 35% Reserve
  • 7.5% Advisors
  • 30% Offered to public
  • 1.5% Development team
  • 15% Foundation
  • 1% Bounty Program
  • 10% Founders

distribution of funds

  • 35% Development
  • 3% Accounting
  • 25% Marketing
  • 3% Reserve
  • 20% Licence fee
  • 2% Legal
  • 10% Administration
  • 2% Misc. expenses

When will 433 Token Ecosystem happen?

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be the Voting module (venue-voting portion).
It is planned to be launched in 2nd Quarter 2019

A fully functional 433 Token Ecosystem is planned in 1st Quarter 2020


Q4 GLS Game Bangkok


Q1 Launch of GLS Academy

Q2 GLS Game Las Vegas


Q2 Conceptualization of 433 Ecosystem

Q3 GLS formed Strategic partnership with 433 Token founders

Q4 Project research, planning, recruitment


Q2 Andriy Shevchenko officially joined 433

Q3 Launching of 433 Token Whitepaper and Website

Q3 Paul Scholes officially joined 433

Q4 More Legends join 433

Q4 3-Phase Development of 433 Token Ecosystem


Q1 Alpha testing

Q2 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch

Q4 Beta Testing


Q1 Fully functioning 433 Token Ecosystem, Even more Legends join 433

core team